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Shamima Begum

ISIS Bride and Supporter 

(Bethnal Green, London)


This low-life needs no introduction, and there is little to add here to what is already available in the public domain. Begum left Britain with her scumbag friends to join and support ISIS in Syria during 2015. Now (2019) that ISIS have been well and truly battered out of existence she wants to return to the relative luxury of Benefits Britain (Tower Hamlets will probably have already lined up a nice council house and sack of benefits for her). However, home secretary, and fellow Muslim, Sajid Javid has rejected her 'plea' to return to Britain and revoked her British citizenship. More importantly, though, Piers Morgan has told her to 'fuck off' and on this rare occasion I (and every other true Brit) whole-heartedly agree with him. And, in case anyone is wondering, yes, if her family and their lawyer don't like how we treat the wonderful Jihadi bride they can always fuck off and live with her in some or other shithole country. She is a clear and present danger to the safety and security of all British citizens but it would be of littler surprise if somehow or other she gets slipped into the country through the back door. So, remember her face, follow her case, and be on the look out for a 'Jihadi bride next door'.