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Mohamed Suyaubur Rohaman

Isis Supporter, Fund Raiser.

(Castle Road, Walsall)


Mohamed Suyaubur Rohaman, 34, was found guilty at the Old Bailey in 2016 of fund-raising for the purposes of terrorism.  A west midlands police investigation into Isis sympathisers led to Rohaman and his brother Hussain, along with a third man, Mohammed Atiqur Khan of Buckle Close, Walsall, being convicted of funding terrorism.

Key to this groups conviction was the £10,000 sent to Rohaman's other brother Musadiqur who was fighting in Syria for Isis. Rohaman was sentenced to 2 years and 9 months and was up for parol 24th January this year (2018) when he was likey released. His return to Walsall can not at present be confirmed.