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Brexit Betrayal 03: Dying Democracy (and the Two Monkeys)

PREVIOUSLY, I WARNED that any deal made by this Government (and for that matter the opposition) would take the form of a Norway (minus, minus) deal so rotten as to have made remaining in the EU a relative walk in the park. I was wrong, very wrong, it seems. It is now evident that matters are, and perhaps always have been, much worse than this. If all the present indicators are pointing in the direction it seems they are, then it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Government, and most of the present inhabitants of the House of Commons (and Lords, naturally), had intended, all along, to thwart Brexit altogether.

In other words, and as they have always seen it, the problem they inherited from the catastrophic loss they never anticipated (the leave voting plebs being triumphant on that fateful day) was not at all how to formulate an 'orderly' departure from the European Union that was consistent with the terms of the referendum. Nor was it intended that we should be seen to leave, if only in name, whilst effectively remaining at the mercy of the EU overlords.

On the contrary, the real problem all along was how to dump Brexit entirely and remain an EU member state whilst pacifying the Brexit plebs and quelling any prospects of a rebellion before it began. As is now becoming increasingly apparent any departure, even under the conditions like those of the truly terrible 'Chequers deal', was a hurried messy plan B (from outer space, one assumes) if their true intent, to remain by any means, was not to come into fruition. Rather, what it now appears is this Government's, and the majority of the country's politicians, Plan A was always either a complete reversal of the referendum vote, or a systematic 'delay and forget' tactic that ensures endless continued membership of the EU cabal until such time as a suitable solution to the problem of Brexit Plebs is secured.

Any which way you like, the political elite, this traitor class, will do everything in their considerable power to put Brexit to bed for the long sleep, and to remain in their beloved European Union, no matter what the cost. You will be betrayed. You have been betrayed. And they will continue to betray you, control you, dismiss you, manipulate you, lie to you, ignore you, despise you, tread on you, imprison you, persecute you, and disgust you. They will ignore your protests, your petitions, your appeals, your pleas, your rallies, your numbers, and your rights. Your well-being, liberty, prosperity and humanity is as nothing to this poisonous political traitor class.

Moreover, these treacherous politicians are supported, or at least unwittingly aided, by legions of dim-witted, ill-informed, left-wing extremists and fascists. This indoctrinated Liberal mob of political pawns are ever-ready to infiltrate and infest with extreme hate-filled rhetoric core institutions, educational, commercial, political, and social, up and down the country. Democracy is failing fast in the UK and a police state is all but in place already. Censorship of speech, movement, and thought are rapidly becoming commonplace and accepted as the new 'progressive' Orwellian norms. Ushered in by brainless liberals that think a new multicultural utopia is just around the corner, these growing constraints will soon enough be turned upon them, but by then all will be lost. What remains of true democracy is morphing fast into a shadow of its former self, as is our country in general.

So, what does it all mean, where is this all leading? These might be good questions but there is something far more pressing to consider at this moment in time, something we all need to think long and hard about - just what are we going to do about it? Indeed, what can we do about it?

Before pondering this question further, however, allow me to suggest at least one very powerful thing you can do, and that almost all adults in the UK can, at present, do - that thing is vote. Yes, yes, I know, you are no doubt thinking, here we go again, that boringly obvious old chestnut trotted out yet again. And if this was all that was being proposed then, yes, you would indeed be right. But there is more to what is suggested here, much more.

You really must vote, of course, and not abstain as some will recommend. Even though democracy is crumbling fast around us you must not allow the two monkeys (Labour and Conservative) and the whole rotten, stinking, institution that is British parliament, to deter you. However, and crucially, you absolutely must stop voting for either of the two main contenders in the Commons two horse race (as it presently stands). You will not change anything, nothing at all, if you continue to vote for either of these two monkey parties (Tory or Labour). Moreover, you might want to consider boycotting the 'third monkey' too. The so-called Liberal Democrats (who are nothing of the sort) are spawned from the same poisoned well as the Tories and Labour and, to a large extent, represent the very worse of both. 

The fact is the 'monkey parties' (the main two) as referred to above depend entirely on you sucking up the myth they perpetuate that if you don't vote for one of them you guarantee the other's success. This weights the election game so strongly in their favour that they depend on it and openly promote it at every single election. You are consistently fooled into thinking the whole thing is a bit of a Hobson's Choice - no choice at all. They depend, entirely, on you making a false choice between only two absolutely appalling options (or three at most) and plumbing for the 'best of a bad lot'. This is what has kept these two treacherous, scheming, self-serving, elitist, low-life, politically deviant parties in power since what seems like forever and a day.

Yet you have the power to change this, and somewhat ironically, you always have. For you have the power to vote otherwise, and it doesn't matter one jot who you (otherwise) vote for, just so long as it's not the two monkeys (three, if you count LibDems and it might be wise, though not so necessary, to do so). But more than this, you have further powers - for you have the power to pass the word, to talk to others, persuade them if you will and where you can to do the same. Your words have great power because their words have great power (to pass on the news that nobody has to vote for the two monkey parties). The more people that you persuade into persuading others the more powerful are your words. The cycle continues, the news spreads, and change is slowly but surely brought about.

People talk of proportional representation as the way forward and, for a fairer more just system of government, perhaps it is. But the two monkeys will never, not ever, allow this to come about. They know, only too well, that such a system would break them, crush their power base, decimate their grip on politics and the people. The only way to relieve them of this grip is to take it from them. The only question that remains for you is how we will, how we must, do this. I have suggested one step, one way, but there are others of course - history will tell tale which in the end was the undoing of the two monkeys, but undone they will become.

It can't be done, you say? But it can, not overnight, but it can change and it will change if you believe in change and vote for change. Remember, it is the two monkeys that want you to think they are the only choice, the future, the light - they are not. The two (or three) monkeys are destroying our world and what throughout history we have fought for and built - and you have the power to rid our world of them and their tyranny.







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