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Hope not Hate: The State of Hate on the Extreme-Left

IN THE WAKE OF THE UK REFERENDUM result, the US election of Trump, and the looming Brexit calamity, the extreme-left has become increasingly deranged. As right-wing politics, driven by rational thinking and simple appeals to common-sense, make greater and greater inroads so extremists on the political left are becoming ever more desperate. This has nowhere been better evidenced that in the behaviour and actions of 'Hope not Hate' and it's activists. Posing as an 'advocacy group' (like another collection of extremists called CAGE) Hope not Hate claim to be fighting racism, fascism, and discrimination (etc, etc) in the UK whilst promoting the two holy grails of liberal doctrine; multiculturalism and diversity.

However, their behaviour and general conduct strongly suggests this could not be further from the truth. Hope not Hate have in fact shown themselves to be better placed among the most racist, hate-filled, and fascist groups in the UK today. Incredibly they have managed to secure Government funding and even charity status - on what grounds appears somewhat mysterious.

The good news is that this particular group is being picked out more and more for what it is. Like all such insidious and corrosive entities they eventually fail in the charade and their true colours surface. As this is becoming the case the flak is all the heavier for these no-Hopers, but there is a way to go before they are properly and completely dispersed. For some time now 'Hate not Hope' has been under scrutiny by Guardians and we will soon be publishing our own views and advice for dealing with them. This will include a series of reports, commentary, and articles specifically aimed at helping to expose the true nature and purposes of this group, and the extremist hate-mongers behind it.

The time is ripe for rational, free-thinking, libertarians, and patriots everywhere to push back against these kinds of groups, and the social disease they represent. For too long they have been allowed to fester and become entrenched in British society and it's high time they were uprooted and dumped on the compost heap where they belong. 


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