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Zeverev vs Federer







Are Left-Wing Liberals Destroying the Spirit of Sport?

IT HAS, IN RECENT YEARS, become all too apparent just how much of everyday life is now poisoned by the frothing, retarded, regressive political left. What has perhaps been a little less obvious (and only ‘perhaps’) is how infiltration by the extreme left is also poisoning many sports and sporting events. Tackling this issue in sufficient depth could result in a very lengthy discussion so, on this occasion, we will focus on just one or two fairly recent examples. As always, we leave it to you to judge for yourself the veracity of the claims made.

What some might find slightly disconcerting here is that it’s not the sports men and women themselves that are arguably becoming problematic - it is the collective audience that attend these events. For it’s their behaviour in particular that is indicative of a pernicious influx of left-wing attitudes and influences. 

And to what are we referring? Well, take as an example the most recent incident in, of all things, professional tennis. During the ATP finals in London a match between Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev was interrupted because a ball-boy dropped a ball during a game. The umpire missed it, but Zverez didn’t and he, quite rightly, pointed it out to the umpire. In accordance with the rules the point had to be replayed, regardless of who had apparently ‘won’ it. Federer himself checked with the ball-boy who admitted he had indeed dropped a ball during play, something that could of course be very distracting. So, all’s well we would assume. Well not quite.

What was notable, at this juncture, was not the incident itself but the appalling response to Zverev, by a large segment of the audience, simply because he had reported the ball-drop to the umpire. The crowd reaction included a now commonplace booing and jeering of the player they (the crowd) disapprove of. The fact that Zverev was completely right to report the event, that it was absolutely in the spirit of fair play, that it was supported by the umpire and Federer at the time, mattered not a jot. This mob, like so many (heavily middle-class) leftist gangs turning up to these events, were concerned only with doing everything they could to swing the match in favour of their preferred champion, Roger Federer. And if this means booing and jeering at whoever he is playing, at every opportunity, then so be it. Sod the rules, forget fair play, or any sense of sportsmanship, the result we want is a Federer win, and by any means.

Sound familiar? It should do because this is what we are becoming more and more used to from the lunatic liberal left. And this is, too, how we can be reasonably confident that, with these tennis mobs, we are indeed dealing with a bunch of self-entitled liberal left-wingers. This lot, like so many, issue forth from the same ill-informed, self-obsessed, semi-literate, and sometimes pig-ignorant school of dumb that have gifted us leftie icons like Lilly Allen, Eddie Izzard, and Katie Perry. Whenever, challenged they boo, shout, and jeer. Not interested in rational argument, not interested in fair play, not interested in what’s right, only in what their little heart’s desire, and woe betide those that get in their way because they will scream, boo, cry, and stamp their feet until they get what they want.

Was this the end of the matter? Not a bit of it, oh no. During the on-court player interview sessions at the end of the match Zverev, having been made to feel he had done something wrong, apologised to this mob of ‘tennis fans’ for pointing out the missed ball drop, for which he received not applause (as would be appropriate) but even more booing and jeering. It took the exemplary intervention of Zverev’s interviewer, Annabel Croft, to shut down this rabble by addressing them directly, saying, “I don’t know why you’re all booing he’s telling the truth, the ball boy dropped the ball and it’s in the rules that the point should be re-played” (or words to that effect).

Crumbling at the sheer force of Croft’s display of rationality the mob eventually relented, but not before making themselves, and many others present but not involved, look an utter disgrace. You might, of course, argue there is no evidence this has anything to do with leftist politics, or the far left, that this is just a ‘sign of the times’ and a general problem with changing social attitudes, etc. If this is what you think then, respectfully, you need to look a little closer and think again.

This is not an isolated incident but a growing leftist trend. Space dictates that we cannot, here, explore all those many other sporting events where such a trend has become evident. Nonetheless, as a further example and remaining with tennis, it wasn’t so long ago that we saw a similarly shameful outburst by the crowd at 2018 U.S Open final between the mob favourite, Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. Williams, against the odds, lost and launched a disgusting and unwarranted tirade of abuse at the umpire, calling him a “liar” and a “thief” amongst other things.

However, this tirade was not the real tragedy. What really overshadowed this event was, again, the outrageous behaviour of the Williams’ supporters. This mob of ‘tennis fans’ took to booing and jeering Osaka, even at the trophy presentation, for the terrible crime of beating, fair and square, their hero Williams (there were also undertones of genuine racism at least hinted at since Williams is American, and therefore the ‘home team’ and Osaka is Japanese, though we will not dwell on this admittedly contentious issue.). So, incredibly embarrassing was the turn of events that even Williams, still otherwise whinging, stepped in to console the clearly distraught Osaka.

Nothing to do with lefties? Think again.

These are not isolated incidents, they are becoming ever more commonplace, and not just in tennis but all sports. The left has had it its own way for a very long time and their sense of entitlement bubbles more and more to the surface as they find the world, perhaps for the first time, not their oyster, not their playground, not existing just to fulfil their every whim. Socially, this runs deep, and wide, and it’s why we will see more and more of this kind of irrational squealing from the growing discontent on the left. The political right, on the other hand, have been winning large swathes of ground and, as they do so, far-left activists everywhere are feeling the pinch. Their world is getting smaller, more claustrophobic, and a lot less comfortable as this kind of irrationality is now being called out, often.

The irony? These same people, these baying mobs that heckle, boo, and jeer whoever they disapprove of – no matter how unwarranted it is – are probably the self-same ‘feelings’ obsessed retards that claim to be the caring, sharing, crew dedicated to love, peace, and equality for all. Hmmm, well, as long as you’re the player they idolise that is, as long as you’re the candidate they support, as long as you vote for the result they want – sound familiar?


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I have myself been noticing this, it is not just in Tennis either as you rightly point out. It could of course just be bad losers but the timing is conspicuous. The childish mentality of these people means that it is almost without a doubt, some spoiled middle-class who likely had parents that ALWAYS let them win. How dare somebody better beat their idol, they can't have that, quick mum I'm gonna chuck my toys out the pram :)

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