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Brexit Betrayal 01: What You Really Need to Know

ACCORDING TO THE PROPAGANDA news channels Theresa 'Treason' May, arguably the weakest Prime Minister we've ever had, spends much of her time desperately trying to fend off Boris and the Conservative party resistance to her 'Chequers Brexit' plans. And it’s certainly easy enough to be distracted by this, and so much more, in the circus fiasco that has become all things 'Brexit'. Yet if we take pause for a moment and look closer there is, and always was, a plainer truth behind this whole disgraceful state of affairs - and it really needs to be addressed more openly.

 For the hidden truth about Brexit is quite simply that there will be no Brexit, at least in the terms understood by the 17.4 million people that voted for it. The fact of the matter is that we have a bunch of rabid remainers in charge of implementing our so-called departure from the EU and it should be apparent, to even the dullest student, that this is a recipe for unmitigated disaster. What, after all, could possibly be less rational than to put a bunch of sore losers in charge of the winning team's booty? Why would anyone think that the way to proceed here is to put the condemned man (which is how many remainers see themselves in relation to Brexit) in charge of his own execution?

To hand the task of departing the crumbling EU over to the remain camp is to hand it to the losers, and bad ones at that. Moreover, on this account, it matters not where you sit on the political spectrum because, of course, both the Labour party and the Tories are such losers, most of them staunchly in favour of remaining at the mercy of Brussels' unelected bureaucrats. And for those that think we might end up with a 'Norway style' Brexit deal - think again, it won't be this good. No, the deal Sharia May's team of retarded remainiacs will see though, eventually, will make everyone wish we had remained in the EU's sinking vessel. It will be a deal of open borders (pretending to be otherwise) with free movement (especially into the UK) for terrorists, rapists, murderers, and paedophiles from just about every stinking shithole in the world. It will be a deal where sovereignty over our laws and land will be entirely an illusion. For sovereignty will mean nothing more than agreeing to adopt into British law whatever the EU dictates should be our law.

And what of the mysterious ‘customs union’, ‘single market’, and trade agreement? These will be agreed almost entirely on the EU's terms and the Government's retarded remain-mongers will have little to say about it. The pretence of Brexit negotiations will not disguise the reality of a truly appalling sell-out by this most treasonous Prime Minister. Such a deal will see us at the thinnest end of every future trade deal, every negotiation, and ultimately stuck with some kind of ad hoc pseudo single market and customs union; and we will be funding these EU scroungers with a mountain of cash for the privilege. This is the price Britain will pay, and continue to pay, for not being a 'member state' of this exclusive club - at least if EU royalty has it's way, which is likely. We will continue to float, on a vast sea of taxpayers cash, this fat Union of unelected thieves; and we will do so for many years to come. This 'deal' will be about as bad as it can be for Britain. So why, it might be asked, would May and the EU want to do this?

There are several answers to this. The EU is a self-serving, vindictive and vengeful master - it values first and foremost, and above all things, itself. Britain sent a shockwave throughout Europe and, to some extent, around the globe. That the people of Britain voted against the EU, for self-rule, for sovereignty, and for control of its own borders was something utterly unbearable for the Brussels dictators - and they will punish us for it if they can, as publicly as they can, to the fullest extent they can. Importantly, the EU’s self-obsessed bureaucratic Euro-thugs want to put the frighteners on any other country foolish enough to contemplate a similar bid for freedom. That message will be to let all other EU member countries know just what will happen to them if they dare follow the example set by Britain's defiant people - our failure to make a smooth withdrawal, our destruction, will then become their (the EU's) great success.
In a similar fashion May and her remainer cronies need Brexit to fail, Brexit must not mean Brexit, because, if they can't stop the people’s march to freedom they can at least ensure the consequences are so disastrous, so painful, that even the most dedicated Brexitier will be inclined to re-think their position - this is part of the remain camp’s plan B strategy. The smarter remainders knows that a second referendum is, in the present political climate, entirely unacceptable to a majority of the British public and therefore very unlikely.

With Brexit so prominent the main difficulty for the government is that there is no easy way to make such an undemocratic move appear democratic. And here's the subtle but revealing crux, it doesn't actually matter to these frothing remainers, both in government and the public at large, whether or not a second referendum is democratic or morally defensible, not at all. Rather, what matter to them is that it appears democratic and morally justified. And this is one way to pick out the smarter remainer from the truly dull (e.g. student) - the former at least sees this but the latter is entirely oblivious (it requires a capacity for reason).

Hence, for the treasonous May, and this traitor class government generally, the failure of Brexit has a double benefit. Firstly, it will weaken the resolve of leave voters, both in terms of resistance to a second referendum and in voting next time round (if there is a next time of course) for remain instead of leave. Secondly, in the whole calamitous fudge that will ensue from a disastrous Brexit deal it will be relatively easy for the Government remainers, including May, to manipulate, conspire, and subvert so as to keep Britain effectively, if not technically, within the clutches of the European Union - until such time as a second referendum and, if necessary, a third (until the ‘right’ result is achieved) can be cloaked with the appearance of democracy.
THIS is the real Brexit deal.






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