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MS Media Blackout on Free Speech Marches Continues.

The fact that there are continued marches, rallies, and demonstrations, involving 100,000's of people the length and breadth of the UK and indeed worldwide, is apparently of no interest or consequence to left-wing media channels. There is for all intents and purposes a combined initiative in place, that probably involves collusion between the Government, the BBC, and most other media channels, to effectively shut down all mention of, or reference to, one of the most appalling misuses of the British judicial system for a very long time - the wholly unjustified incarceration of Tommy Robinson.

Importantly they, the controlling and far left-wing media outlets ('Ctrl-Left') and their political masters, are hoping this 'popularist' knee-jerk reaction, as they see it, will simply go away if they ignore it for long enough - it won't. Ignoring the massive outcry, they think, will achieve there goals, as follows. Firstly, it will bury, if not kill, Robinson - a whistle-blowing, Muslim child-rape gang exposing, right-wing journalist who has been steadily growing in popularly to the point where they (the desperate Ctrl-Left and government enforcers) are finding it increasingly difficult to contain him (and lie about him, assassinate his character, etc).

Secondly, if they get away with enforcing these ever expanding transgressions of fundamental rights to freedom to speak, act, and live, with those like Tommy Robinson they will further establish, propagate, and cement the totalitarian police state they are aiming for and which has now become present day Britain and the UK.

Thirdly, and further to these ends, this swift and brutal injustice (like the pathological pursuit of so-called 'hate speech' crimes) may have the further effect of  deterring fearfully any others from daring to expose that which they (the Government, the dribbling extreme left, and the rabid left-wing media) have deemed sacrosanct, unmentionable, beyond critique or dissent. And I don't need to say just who and what we are referring to because I know you already know just who and what we are referring to here only too well.

So, what is to be done? A question to be pondered on another day but in the meantime, think about it, what will you do? 


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