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Political Arrest?: Tommy Robinson Jailed For Dissidence

FOLLOWING THE HUGE success of the Day for Freedom demonstration in London on 6th May the desperate left-wing censorship machine went into action again on Friday 25th May as their police were used to arrest journalist Tommy Robinson. This time the left's political enforcers (police) trumped up a charge of 'breaching the peace'. The actual reason for this disgraceful injustice was, of course, to shut down Robinson, freedom of speech, and dissemination of truth (they now call the latter hate speech). They will fail, and probably know it. Robinson's 'crime' involved standing outside a British court speaking about a trial of members of a now protected group, and for breaching a suspended sentence. For this he was he was arrested and jailed for 13 months, in less than 5 hours. British 'justice' is remarkably swift when it wants to be.


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