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Rising Knife Crime in London: What's the REAL cause?

IT'S ALMOST LAUGHABLE watching as the mainstream media (especially the BBC and Sky), the Government (notably Theresa 'Sharia' May and, until recently Amber Rudd), its dopey opposition, the police, and the rest of the rampant far-left loonies fall over themselves avoiding, at all costs, the transparent reality that Londonistan's massive rise in knife and gun crime, along with almost every other crime statistic in the capital, has an obvious explanation.

That reality is unrelenting, uncapped, open-door immigration policies leading to catastrophic migration, legal and illegal, of an endless stream of scumbag third-world drug, prostitution, and slavery gangs the like of which the city has never known before - welcome to KhansWorld, or as other have put it, the third-world shithole now known as Londonistan (it sits directly upon the spot in England that the once great city of London occupied).

Forget the picture post-cards images of the City of Westminster, which are often confused with the sprawling mass that is Greater London. Westminster is now an island-state (what is left of old London) residing within the confines of the surrounding boroughs of Londonistan, most of which are rotten with so-called 'multi-culturalism' and 'diversity'. 

Here, in these boroughs lie the true reason for almost all those rising crime figures, violence, street robbery, acid attacks, and gun crimes. It has, moreover, little to do with police numbers, police funding, or police racism, etc. It has everything to do with Sadiq Khan, immigration (legal and, especially, illegal), so-called 'asylum', cultural displacement, and Islam.

Don't believe it, not what your sociology or political science lecturer told you, not what you read in the 'news', saw on TV?

Look closer.


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