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 Police State Britain: Libertarians Denied Entry

THREE LIBERTARIANS, Lauren Southern (right), Martin Sellner (left), and Britanny Pettibone (centre), have been banned from entry into Britain. The reason? According to the Home Office they are not 'conducive to the public good'.... returning Jihadi's, however, are welcome of course.

And what does this mean? Well it seems they are campaigners for free speech, critical of Islam, and worse still, planned to speak about it. Such speech is considered 'Islamophobic', 'racist' and a 'hate speech' in Britain today and the British public must be protected, at all costs, from such terrible, hurty, words. Returning Jihadis, Pakistani child rapists, and Islamic hate preachers are all fine but defending the fundamental human right to free speech or criticising the beautiful religion of peace, no.

This is yet another turn of the screw that must be opposed vigorously. These people are not calling for murder on the streets of Britain, for comrades to take up arms like certain members of a certain religion, nor are they inciting or prepetrating violence like some left-wing extremist groups (e.g. Antifa). On the contrary their core agenda is the protection of honest, decent citizens from censor and terrorism - not conducive to the public good? Really? 


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