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In this article we discuss a broad social shift, fuelled by hard left extermism in particular, towards outright demonstrations of rank irrationailty and intellectually dishonest rejection of historical, scientific, and even logical facts. Are we in the West now, then, moving into an 'age of unreason'?



Is This the Age of Unreason? (forthcoming)

Whether it be attempts to re-write history (e.g. the Cecil Rhodes statue fiasco), deny reality (e.g. the 'gender identity' non-debate) or assign victim-hood to terrorists and perpetrators both the moderate and extreme left have been engaged, for sometime, in a movement that pushes for a political agenda simply beyond reason. It's not that they present poor arguments for, say, the 'gender pay gap' but, rather, that they simply ignore practically any argument or evidence, no matter how compelling, that is contrary to their claim, opinion, proposition (so, no matter what is argued, no matter what the evidence, the 'gender pay gap' is, for the left, an incontrovertible 'fact')................(TBA*)

* To be announced - the above is an advertisment for a forthcoming article.



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