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Sylvia Browne







In discussing various aspects of 'psychic' ability and practitioners (e.g. stage mediums, spiritualists, etc) one question remains largely unanswered; Why haven't the relevant judicial authorities prosecuted these people for openly and knowingly defrauding members of the public? The following discussion looks not only at the plain absurdity of their alleged beliefs and claims but also why people pay for the services of 'psychics' and why the relevant authorities consistently fail to put a stop to this immoral abuse of human frailty and emotions...



Psychic Criminals:

Should psychic fraudsters be prosecuted? (forthcoming)

 Before we delve further into the murky world of 'psychic' predators lets be clear about just what and who we are targeting here, and who we are not.What we are not talking about is the lone 'gypsy Rose Lee' type of entertainment (e.g. palmist, crystal ball, etc) you might find at a fairground, circus, or on a seaside pier. These are, as I say, simply entertainment and as such if you take them to be otherwise then, frankly, as a fool you deserve to be parted from your money. For the most part a 'Gypsy Rose Lee' (I refer generically here) can be be found in most seaside resorts, fairgrounds, and other similar places and are as much a part of British tradition and culture as fish and chips or Punch and Judy. Moreover, most of these people scratch a fairly paltry living, work long hours, often endure much abuse and are , generally, not expecting to be taken too seriously.

Nor are we pointing here to your Mum's special friend or your uncle's slightly strange second cousin, let's call her Aunt Maud, who inherited the family 'gift' for 'seeing' into the future. Typically Aunt Maud always 'sees' future events just after they happen, 'knew it was going to happen' post the event and has an uncanny gift for predicting the plain bloody obvious (as blackening clouds hang above Maud proclaims, 'its going to rain soon!' - how could she have known?). But we all love dear old auntie Maud, she's another part of that eccentricity that is (or at least was) British culture.

The examples above are representative of those not being targeted here. Rather the target is, collectively, professional media supported stage and TV 'psychic' practitioners that often present themselves as 'mediums' or some or other conduit 'between the worlds' of life and death, this world and the 'psychic realm', or some other variety of what amounts to much the same thing. For prime examples see the title and insert images of Sally Morgan and Sylvia Browne, both self proclaimed soothsayers of the modern world. Others of note are psychic manipulators such as spoon bender extraordinaire Uri Geller, and those like Morgan and Browne that apparently 'speak to dead people' such as John Edwards and Theresa Caputo but to name a few........(TBA*)

 * To be announced - the above is an advertisment for a forthcoming article



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