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Used as a broad term in reference to individuals and/or institutions on the far to extreme-left of the political spectum. More specifically the term 'Alt-Left' is often used to individuate hard left-wing socialists, liberals, and neo-marxist groups.Alt-Left may also be used to refer to violent fascist groups such as Antifa.


As with many leftist inventions the term 'alt-right' is used as a derogatory reference to anything slightly politically right of Corbyn. 

Hence, the term is loosely applied to anyone from the right of centre to the extreme-right fascist. However, in reality this term, like much bandied about by leftists, is primarily used as a means to nullify, subvert, and/or circumnavigate rational debate and discussion.

Antifa (Anti - Fascists)

An extreme liberal left activist group organised and promoting themselves as 'against fascism' (i.e. Anti-Fascism).

Ironically, however, this violent alt-left group are in fact a defining example of fascism themselves. Moreover, their tactics typically involve attempts to create terror through violence, racism, bigotry, and discrimination. Antifa targets anyone that disagrees with their loosely neo-Marxist doctrine, including not just the political centre and far right but even the moderate (read sensible) liberal left. Broadly speaking they are unsophisticated, uninformed, and unimportant.

Free Speech

The right to speak freely without hindrance, provocation, threat, or interference, by any person, or group, or government, or institution, or their agents and/or representatives whatsoever.

Further, such freedom to speak and express one's thoughts through public and/or private speech acts is taken as entirely without limitation, just so long as such speech acts do not directly incite or promote an act or acts of physical violence against another person or persons. Moreover, rights to such freedom of speech remains sacrosanct and prior to all other considerations regardless of the content of that speech act or acts, just so long as the above exception (regarding clear and distinct incitement to violence) is not part of that content. This fundamental freedom endures irrespective of the offence caused, objections raised, or disagreement engendered by anyone, to anyone, for anyone.


A derogatory term used by EU referendum remain supporters for those that voted to leave. It is meant to refer to red-faced, older, and angry working class men (mainly) that are too thick to know what they voted for.

However, the insult has lost appeal as it actually motivates support for Brexiters due to it missing the point that most of these people are ordinary, hard-working, decent, voters that knew full well why the voted for leaving the EU..

Gender (Politics, Identity, Equality, Etc)

The use and abuse of the word 'gender' by the alt-left is now reaching endemic proportions. Previously this word would often be employed simply to differentiate homosexual from hetrosexual preferences, or as a synonym for binary biological difference between male and female in the human species.

Gender has of late, however, been turned into a focal point for left-wing fanatical fascism - in particular to attack the binary facts of biological science which dictates there are only two sexes - male and female. The mostly ridiculous debate birthed first the advent of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and trans-sexual) community. More recently, however, this mutated into cries for a LGBT...XYZ community where normal pronouns are jettisoned in favour of around 70 different, and ludicous, ways of referring to others. The rest of this sad, sorry, and pathetic story is, as they say, a matter of record and history.

Hate Crime

The City of London Police define a 'hate crime' as follows;

"Any hate incident, which constitutes a criminal offence, perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate."

The looseness of this ridiculous definition should be warning enough for any rational thinking person to be very very wary of 'official' guidance on these matters. Take note of the criterion, highlighted in italics, that means the judge of what actually constitutes 'hate crime' is a matter decided by an observer's 'perception'. This definition itself is morally abhorrent, and should be criminally outlawed.

Hate Speech

The term 'hate speech' has recently become pivotal in the the liberal left's campaign to stifle, at every turn, free speech. Hate speech might more properly be the kind of vitriol spouted by Islamic preacher intending to incite actual physical violence.

However, the liberal left apply ther term to anything they don't like to hear, effectively attempting to use it as a means toward censorship. For more on this topic see this article on the topic.

As a preliminary move, free speech that the extreme left are intent to censor is first characterised as 'hate speech'. Included here is any criticism of Islam or Muslims, or pretty much anything the left find 'offensive'. The assumption here being that anything 'offensive' is, in selective cases, tantamount to being hateful, or hate-mongering, etc. The secondary step has been the legislative and judicial shift to criminalising selected examples of 'hate speech' as 'hate crimes'.

See entry for 'Hate Crime' for further explanation.


Unfortunately the 'religion of peace' needs little introduction to Westerners around the globe. Principally a political ideology and religion based on the ramblings of a desert goat-herder and war-monger named Mohammed (as if you need to be told this). 

Mohammed, apparently a perfect man, was God's own ghost writer when, via the Arch Angel Gabriel, he transcribed the holy Quaran or 'Koran'. In this book Muslim's around the globe are told how to go about looking after and caring for non-Muslims, how to love their homosexual neighbour, how to maintain and promote the rights of women, and how to care for young, vulnerable, children. The rest, as they say, is history.


a) A word contrived and concocted by the liberal left to oppress and and divert attention, stifle criticism, and ultimately criminalise any opposition to Islam and the Islamisation of the West.and Western culture.

b) A false 'phobia' and nonsensical word, used mainly by the extreme left, to deflect honest debate about the Islamic religion and ideology.

c) A linguistic device of political correctness and malicious intent.opposing dissent regarding Islam.

(See article for further discussion; 'So, What's Wrong With "Islamophobia?"')


Another broad term but here it is mainly used to refer to individuals or groups that emphasis and place significant value on person-centred liberty and the rights to freedom of thought, expression, and speech.


Derogatory term for a cognitively-challenged left-wing liberal. A retarded liberal, or 'liberal retard'.

NPC (Non-Playable-Character)

A legitimate and common term previously used mainly in the gaming industry and by gamers themselves to refer to characters in a game that were controlled by the game's AI and could not be manipulated by the player, at least directly. A little bit like a film extra that simply follows the directors instructions - but non-sentient or conscious in a human sense.

More recently the term as been adopted by right of centre opponents of the extreme left as a term that also describes, fairly accurately, the congnitive functioning and capacity of snowflakes and left-wing racists, fascists, etc. 

A similar analogy might be drawn between many unthinking left-wing activists, who appear only to scream and shout, and the StarTrek show's 'Borg' collective. In that show the Borg are a huge collective alien race without individual character but forming part of a vast hive mind. Collectively they are dangerous but individually lacking in character, reason, or any form of sentience (non-conscious). Much like the Liberal left it is argued.