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Our aim is to confront the 'hard problems' challenging Western culture and values. High on the list of such challenges is a somewhat delusional belief in the universal applicability of multiculturism and the rise of unchecked and pernicious political correctedness. Presently, moreover, an increasing threat to security and safety in the West is the growing problem of Islamic extremism and the sharp end of this which is Islamist terrorism. What fuels these problems substantially is a large expansion of far and extreme left-wing political activists, groups, and individual supporters. The limelight will therefore often fall upon these groups, individuals, and related, issues - though not exclusively or necessarily.

Topics planned for the future may include the 'Muslim problem' and global terrorism, the failed experiement that is multiculturalsim, the rise of extremist liberalism, the insidious reach of corrosive political correctness, 'hate crime and hate speech' as the new left-wing fascists weapons of choice, and the UK referendum fiasco, and what it is really all about. We also examine extraordinary cases, such as that of Madeleine McCann and Scotland Yard's farcical investigation of it. The McCann case in particular, it is argued, highlights just how rampant political correctness and the crushing of free speech invades and subverts, reason, justice, and plain common sense.

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